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20C815 North-South Corridor Torrens to Darlington Phase 2 Geotechnical Investigation Studies
Issued By Department for Infrastructure and Transport
Request for Tender
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Professional engineering services




On behalf of the State Government, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department) is responsible for delivering the final stage of the multi-billion dollar North-South Corridor (NSC), a 10.5 kilometre stretch of roadway between the River Torrens and Darlington (NSC T2D). Once complete, the project will deliver a 78 kilometre non-stop motorway connecting the northern and southern suburbs and provide a vital strategic link for motorists and the freight transport industry. The final stage is the most complex, requiring the delivery of over $5 billion in infrastructure works.

When complete, this Corridor will provide a series of strategic, free-flowing road links to connect the rapidly expanding industrial and residential growth areas in the north and south, unlocking new opportunities for economic development, reducing commute times, increasing productivity, improving safety, enabling inner city urban redevelopment, growing land values and protecting Adelaide’s liveability.

Ground investigations are being undertaken over multiple phases to undertake all of the required geotechnical, contamination and hydrogeological site investigations along the North-South Corridor Program (River Torrens to Darlington). Phase 1 Ground investigations are currently being undertaken by T2D Geoventure (Contract 20C202). The Department seeks to engage a service provider to undertake Phase 2 which will build on the findings of the Phase 1 scope. There will be additional future investigation phases which will be procured and scoped separately following development of the Reference Design.

The NSC T2D Phase 2 Ground Investigations will be primarily focused within the Southern area of the proposed NSC T2D route from Anzac Hwy through to Darlington.

The Phase 1 Ground Investigations are focussed on providing a very broad understanding of the geotechnical, hydrogeological and contamination conditions over the entire NSC T2D Project area. Information and findings to date regarding the Phase 1 works will be included in the Phase 2 tender appendices to provide all bidders with consistent information to inform their proposals.

The Department is continuing to progress the Reference Design against the recently endorsed the Hybrid+ option. The Phase 2 Ground Investigations are required to provide a more accurate understanding of the geotechnical, hydrogeological and contamination conditions along the Stage 1 (Anzac Highway to Tonsley Boulevard) section of the proposed Hybrid + route. This information will help to inform and aid in decisions for the Reference Design and provide for more accurate estimates for geotechnical and hydrogeological ground conditions and levels of contamination for waste materials. Stage 1 has been highlighted as the priority area based on anticipated program delivery staging.

The professional services provider will be required to do all work needed to complete the investigation over a 10 month period from contract commencement.

To respond to this RFT, Proponents must meet minimum requirements including but not limited to prequalification under the Professional and Technical Services Prequalification Panel, 17C811.

Where a Proponent comprises more than one party, it is not necessary for each individual party to be prequalified in respect of both geotechnical and hydrogeological services; those pre-qualifications may be held by separate members of the Proponent entity.  Where a Proponent is only pre-qualified in one category the Proponent must provide supporting bid information to confirm their capability and capacity to deliver all the requirements of this tender.


Should you require assistance in uploading your tender submission electronically please contact the Tenders SA helpdesk on (08) 8462 1401. It is recommended that you allow at least two hours prior to the tender closing time to ensure that you upload your tender. A receipt number will be issued to confirm that your submission has been completed successfully.

Specification Documents 

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  • 20C815 NSC T2D GI2 RFT Clarification Register (23-02-2021)   
    • Version 1 (23/02/2021)
    • Available by Download   (63 KB)
  • 20C815 NSC T2D GI2 Part A Tender Conditions (05-03-2021)   
    • Version 1 (05/03/2021)
    • Available by Download   (233 KB)
  • 20C815 NSC T2D GI2 Deed of Confidentiality   
    • Version 1 (16/02/2021)
    • Available by Download   (221 KB)
  • 20C815 NSC T2D GI2 Probity Framework   
    • Version 1 (16/02/2021)
    • Available by Download   (262 KB)


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Tender closes at 2:00 PM 23 March 2021
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MS Teams Industry Briefing
A briefing session will be held on 11:00 AM 25 February 2021.
Notes: The time zone for the session is ACDT. The MS Teams link can be found in the tender document: 20C815 NSC T2D GI2 Part A Tender Conditions. For further details please refer to the Supplementary Conditions.


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