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PC9377 Metropolitan Drainage Channels Maintenance
Issued By SA Water Corporation
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Water and sewer utilities




SA Water Corporation invites tenders from potential contractors for the provision of Metropolitan Drainage Channels Maintenance services.

To help manage flood risk, the South Australian Government has directed SA Water to manage certain metropolitan sections of the Sturt River, Keswick Creek, and Brownhill Creek. This is a service that is provided by SA Water as part of the Metropolitan Drainage Act 1935 on behalf of the Minister for Water and River Murray. The land along the channels requires maintenance for safety, amenity, asset lifetime prolongation, and pest weed species reduction.

This covers the following areas:

  • Keswick Creek – below Ashford Ave, Keswick
  • Brownhill Creek– Marion Road to Tapleys Hill Road
  • Sturt Channel – from Sturt Road, Marion to Tapleys Hill Road

Tasks associated with this project include mowing, Slashing, Weed Spraying, Graffiti Removal, minor bank repairs, silt removal from the channels, fallen tree and branch removal, Brush Cutting, Litter Removal, Fence Repairs, Chain Saw Work, Tree Works, Re-vegetation, Minor Building Repairs, Watering, removal of Debris from the Creek systems, etc.

Work packages can be either reactive or proactive in nature and can come in via multiple channels such as the Ministers Office, other government agencies, public requests, regular inspections and via local councils.  When a request is received SA Water is required to act within a timely fashion and with minimal impact to the public.

We are seeking to move toward a more proactive, performance-based agreement with a suitably experienced and qualified maintenance contractor.  Grass, shrubs, and trees on the banks of the channels should be independently maintained based on:

  • A regular maintenance program developed and continuously modified in consultation with SA Water,
  • Quarterly Inspections reports with prioritised recommendations for future work.
  • Monthly reporting on progress against the program, and with task detail consistent with/ tied to invoices.

Specification Documents 

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  •    PC9377 Metro Drainage Channels Maintenance RFT
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (843 KB)
  •    Attachment A - PC9377 Conditions of Contract - Services
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (282 KB)
  •    Attachment B - Signed TIPP - SA Water - Metro Drainage Channels Maintenance Contract
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (431 KB)
  •    Attachment C - COVID-19 Information for Contractors
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (763 KB)
  •    Attachment D - EBS MD Weed Mngmnt Plan Draft V1 230718
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (13 MB)
  •    PC9377 Metro Drainage Channels Maint RETURNABLE SCHEDULES
    • Version 1 (29/06/2021)
    • Available by Download   (385 KB)
  •    PC9377 Supplementary Notice 1
    • Version 1 (20/07/2021)
    • Available by Download   (114 KB)
  •    PC9377 Annexure A to Conditions of Contract Services
    • Version 1 (20/07/2021)
    • Available by Download   (76 KB)
  •    PC9377 Supplementary Notice 2
    • Version 1 (26/07/2021)
    • Available by Download   (114 KB)